Our story

Through a series of photographs, this work explores the interaction between man and nature as seen through night-time environmental portraits of vehicles long abandoned in the Everglades ecosystem. Each image was captured at night utilizing the highly specialized technique of light painting combined with long exposures and seasonally specific images without adding anything to or taking away from the scene. Everything you see in the following images was actually there on location: the super moon, the milky way, and of course the automobiles. Over the decades these manmade objects have become a part of the cycle of life as flora and fauna grow around and literally through them.

By investigating rumors, analyzing satellite imagery, and utilizing a network of Gladesman we have re-discovered dozens of these forgotten relics. Model T’s, military vehicles, construction cranes, busses, automobiles, vans, airplanes; vehicles representing every decade and wheel configuration since the motorized ‘horseless carriage’ was invented were driven and flown through one of the most important wetland ecosystems in North America and for a variety of reasons abandoned and forgotten.  These images show a hidden side of the Everglades and speak concurrently to mankind attempts to conquer the Everglades. This project is the story of those vehicles.